Compatible Make-up to Linx 3501
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CMS Reference : 119.T350.025
OEM (Ref.) : 3501
Description : Make-up Solution
Colour : Clear
Standard : 0,5 L
Technologie : CIJ
Used in : 4200,4800,4900,6200,6800,6900

3501 Make-up Solution CMS INK for Linx inkjet printers.


CMS proposes a 100% Compatible Make-up to Linx 3501. Our ink for Linx® inkjet printers has been fully tested to ensure performance and reliability in Linx inkjet printers.  Our ink formulations use only the highest quality raw materials. 119.T350.025 is a Make-up Solution, Clear in colour. Our Make-up fluid is supplied in bottles that fit directly onto the printers so there is no re-filling required. If you wish to purchase in bulk, this is also possible. Each batch of make-up fluid must pass quality control tests and full batch records are kept for full tracability.


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