Compatible inks & fluids

People are used to generic products, they can be batteries, coffee capsules, medication the list is nearly endless, compatible inks are no different. The inks used in industrial inkjet printers are no different. The inks used must meet certain specifications and pass quality control measures. If that is done then it will work.

Many printer manufacturers started out by purchasing and re-selling other companies inks until they decided to make ink for themselves.  However some printer manufacturers rely entirely on specialty ink manufacturers to make all the inks they sell.

So you or your customers have chosen the printer, now choose the most reliable and competitive ink and solvent. CMS is an expert in industrial inkjet ink and offers a complete range of products for use with the majority of printer brands such as Domino®, Hitachi®, Linx®, Markem Imaje®, Videojet®, KGK®, Liebinger®, Citronix®, ECJet® and many more.  Manufactured to exacting standards, fully compatible and supplied in cartridges or bottles that fit direct in the printers.

We have a strict quality control procedure and ensure full batch traceability all through the lifetime of our products.

Flexibility for your requirements, in every sense of the word. No order too small or too big, we ship anything from one bottle to 40’ containers. You can collect your goods; we can ship to you or direct to your customers anywhere in the world. Custom packaging and labeling, whatever you need.

Although we list the majority of the products we make here, we are however, continually developing new ones.  If you do not see what you need on our website, please contact us to check availability.