Compatible ink to Linx 1039
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CMS Reference : 119.M139.525
OEM (Ref.) : 1039
Description : Soft pigmented ink for dark supports
Colour : Yellow
Standard : 0,5 L
Technologie : CIJ
Used in : 4200,4800,4900,6200,6800,6900

1039 Soft pigmented ink for dark supports CMS INK for Linx inkjet printers.

CMS proposes a 100% Compatible ink to Linx 1039.   Our ink for Linx® inkjet printers has been fully tested to ensure performance and reliability in Linx inkjet printers. Our ink formulations use only the highest quality raw materials 119.M139.525 is a Soft pigmented ink for dark supports , Yellow in colour. Our ink is supplied in bottles that fit directly onto the printers so there is no re-filling required. If you wish to purchase in bulk, this is also possible. Each batch of ink must pass quality control tests and full batch records are kept for full tracability.


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